Lori Bennett

Lori Bennett is an award winning, multitasking radio personality, musicologist and actress with a flair for creating a strong bond with her diverse audiences. A native of Detroit, Lori is a veteran of such heritage adult contemporary stations as WNIC-FM, Magic 105.1, Smooth Jazz V-98.7 and is the key in-store voiceover talent for national/international companies such as K-Mart and Rite Aid.

"It's my goal and my dearest wish to bring a smile to every one of our listeners every day." says Lori. "Spreading positivity, having fun and experiencing the music together...that's what we all need to keep perspective with all that goes on in our crazy, increasingly more complicated lives!"

What Lori enjoys most (besides her listeners) is helping others to succeed, thus spending time as a team leader and mentor to young creative professionals. She also is a big supporter of Volunteers of America, Toys for Tots and numerous animal rescue organizations. When not in studio, Lori can be found in her communal garden attempting to negotiate with the squirrels on who has first right to the tomatoes, or at home, attempting to convince her actor husband that leaving socks on the living room floor "is not an artistic statement".